Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Screw You!

It crawled up my left arm, all the way up to my neck sending a chill down my spine. I tried shooing it away with a brusque movement of my other hand, but it simply nagged at my skin slithering to my ear and hopped right inside it. The tickling sensation in my ear was just a trailer of what I experienced next. I couldn’t believe that this tiny miniscule bug sized creature had the cheek to enter my ear, my body!

I felt it moving inside me, it had managed a hike up my brain meandering through its folds and creases. I felt dizzy. My head oscillated from side to side as if someone had whacked my head hard and my neck had a spring mechanism installed.

Amused at the effect of its doings, the creature crept down my spine as if playing skipping stones. After fiddling around with my backbone, it took a detour to my heart, targeting it. I don’t know what pleasure it acquired by torturing a poor soul like me and how brutal it was for him to jump up and down the valves of my heart as if it was a trampoline, making me experience a virtual heart attack.

Bored of this exercise, it dived into one of my arteries and swam to glory, leaving me dumbstruck. It must have got enough out of exploring my body as it then bit my muscles, gnawed at the inner side of my skin and out it came with a pop, a few drops of blood stuck to its beneath.

The creature was screw shaped and purple coloured with orange neon lights for eyes, who grinned at me as I picked it up in astonishment, wondering what kind of a bug it was. I turned it upside down.

My eyes popped out in horror as I read ‘A Jupitarian’ on its back. I dropped it and ran for my life, his evil laughter reverberating in my ears.


  1. Reminds me of the movie Innerspace :P

    Wonderful writing style.

  2. Hi, I came here through Crossword Pune's profile on Facebook. You have an interesting blog. I would keep coming back :-)