Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waking up to Rains

This year the rains have been late beyond expectations. Every year, by 15th July I've had enough of rains, enough of the dull grey atmosphere and enough of wet days. But this year the sun shined brightly till mid July, and people awaited heavy rains with anxiety. I woke up to the pitter-patter of rain, first time this season a few days ago. The feeling was awesome! Stirring up to consciousness and realizing its raining. Then, shifting in to a comfortable position, lying under my cozy warm blanket and drifting to a half asleep state to the hum of raindrops. It was heavenly.

Finally making an effort to get out of  bed, I pull up the curtains and let the faint monsoon sunlight stream in. I smile. I open the windows wide open and stare out. It is breathtakingly beautiful! I'm awestruck with the minute details that mark the beginning of monsoon and also that make this mundane world pretty. I hop to my shelf and bring out my camera, oblivious to the freshness in the air, oblivious to how the change in weather makes me feel serene, calm and happy...

Below are the few shots I took. They don't capture monsoon as a whole season but I've tried capturing the things that made my eyes twinkle the day I woke up to the first heavy rains of the season. :)

Rain drops
I love the way the buildings seem to fall down down upside down through the drops!

A trickle down the roof

Saw these beautiful pearls curled up the raining, the moment I woke up

A tear of happiness?

Jewel  donned branch


  1. We need more rain :) Beautiful shots :)

  2. love those rain drop shots Nequesta!