Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glimpse In Gir, Bliss for Lifetime!

A glimpse in Gir,

Set my heart racing,

Not for Deer, Not for Zebra

But for a Lioness.

Twinkling fierce eyes,

Tawny coat, tufted tail

Screening the surroundings

For a prey.

She caught my whiff wafting through the air,

She inched closer,

Observing and speculating,

Pretending nonchalance.


I settled down nearby;

Assured that

She’d noticed my dark dense mane.

We lived a hundred metres away,

Couple of days passed;


Between us tensed.

She hunted skilfully,

Ravenous and ruthless

Often left some carcass,

For me.

I lazed around,

Reflecting my kingship; believing,

She was my Nala,

I, her Simba.

Thin mane and bruised

Arrived a loser

One day,

To eye my lady.

I roared through gritted teeth,

“I’m the Alpha,” I said.

He growled back

Attempting defence.

Next, he imposed

Himself on her; she snapped back!

Too proud, my love was, to let

A stranger, have his way.

I let her fight

But soon intervened;

Pounced on my rival, caught hold of his back

Dragged him, slashed at him.

He lay there,


Failed to fight back

To save his skin!

Bloodied, triumphant

I walked towards her.

She held her head high, ears twitched.

She was in heat.

Nuzzles and faint roars,

Ecstasy and bliss,

Together we became one;

The King and Queen.

Created, two little cubs,

A girl and a boy;

Our Kiara and Kopa,

Absolute bundles of joy!

Lions have always been one of my favourite animals. Their majestic pride, their size, the soft mane and shining dark brown eyes have always lured me towards them. I believe animals have emotions though they cannot directly express it. Also, animals sometimes show a strong similarity between their behaviour and human behaviour. Isn’t love, pride, desire and rivalry characteristics of human as well as the animal world? Being a Leo and an animal lover I’ve always wanted a cute cub for a pet. These thoughts and also the Book and Movie- Born Free have inspired me to write this.

Note- Lions with dark dense mane are considered healthy and sexually attractive for lionesses.

A lioness is 'in heat' when she's ready to mate.

Character’s referred from ‘The Lion King’-

Simba- The lion king

Nala- Simba’s mate

Kiara- Simba and Nala’s daughter

Kopa- Simba and Nala’s son


  1. hmm..hmmm...wonderful..i agree...lions look so so royal...and i think you should really get a lion cub as your pet..(grow it up as a vegetarian..:P)

    beautifully written expected, as always...

  2. i admire the qualities of the lioness - the taking care of family/hunting to feed the cubs etc
    the man just fools around :) as per Nat Geo !

    btw, you are a Leo (by zodiac, aren't u?)

    nice poem

  3. Shouvik- :) Thank you! Hahaha, I love the idea of inculcating vegetarianism in a lion, I'm already trying it with a full grown lion you know ;) You know what I'm talking about! :D
    Sujatha- Yes, the lioness is indeed diligent while the lion lives off her effort. And I'm a Leo. :) Thanks!

  4. Oh my God. Its so cool that you used those names :D
    I loved Simba. He was the adorable-est!
    This was a very intelligently written post and though I'm not horribly fond of them from the cat families, lions look regal and majestic for sure. :)

  5. Haha, nor am I of other members of the 'cat family' except tigers too may be but lions do manage to overwhelm me. :) And Simba- <3 ALWAYS! :D

  6. An adorable tale spun around the most majestic creatures!

  7. Nicely written and beautiful pictures :)

  8. Coming back sooon! :) Was travelling!

  9. it's kovu. NOT kopa.
    Sorry boss.

  10. Is it? O.o The versions I've read and seen says its Kopa.

  11. LionKingForEternityJanuary 9, 2012 at 11:28 PM

    It's Kovu.