Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bokeh With Naked Eyes

Hello All,

Has anyone of you ever seen 'Bokeh' with naked eyes?

Recently I started going for a swim everyday, early morning. On day one, I swam a few laps and stopped at one end of the pool for breath. As I waded in the pool, relaxing I happened to look at my right where a huge tree from the next compound was leaning over, at some distance.

And lo! I can't believe what I saw. Through the green foliage and brown branches, came in the sun's rays to form little round perfect circles; perfect shimmering circles; the circles in photographic terms we call 'bokeh'! I tilted my head a little, moved around a bit, blinked and pinched myself to make sure it wasn't a illusion I was seeing out of chronic overdose of my recently developed passion for photography.

No, I wasn't imagining stuff! It was RIGHT THERE, the BOKEH! It looked like a perfect picture. The foreground part of the foliage which was nearer to me looked comparatively stark while the middle part of the tree which was further away was all simply bokeh!

It was mesmerizing. I couldn't believe my eyes. Trust me, it is the most prettiest bokeh I've ever seen. Later I realized I could see a very soft bokeh on other trees as well but not as perfect as this one. Now how do you think it happened?

I have nearsightedness, that is I can see closer objects in focus but the objects far away are seen out of focus by my eye. I wasn't wearing my contact lenses then and there was water on my eye which probably acted as a lens showing me,  major part of that tree as an aesthetic blur.

I wish I could capture what I saw with my eye and show it to you. As I write this, the memory of that bokeh-d tree manifests in my mind. I wish there was a system to digitally transmit this vivid memory to my blog for it is one of the most beautiful and natural things I've ever experienced. The memory goes beyond still photography for when the branches sway with the wind so does these shiny circles. No, its not something you'd see in a video for its so much more magical and so much less man infused and the movement is really very slight.

Now, between laps when people stop to gasp for breath I stop to catch the glimpse of this stunning eye-candy. :)

Have any of you experienced this? Is it a regular thing or something unusual? Please share your experiences here. :)

A Very Happy World Photography Day to All!
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