Friday, June 22, 2012


Year 2052:

“Mumma, I’m hungry!”  Technoli calls out, as she makes a swoosh sign with her finger and her wall sized computer shuts close. She’s been virtual trekking all round the Himalayan ranges all morning, and now she’s cold and tired yet exhilarated by the whole experience.

Mumma rushes in a nano second, as if she was always there besides Technoli and not in the attic, dusting and cleaning vintage things like laptops and iPads, once owned by the family ancestors. She produces a mini tab, as small as a cell phone (A cell phone was a device used to connect with people some fifty odd years ago) and hands it over to Technoli. Technoli snatches it and presses a few buttons. A warm, tasty sandwich manifests itself on the tab. She grabs it and hands the tab back to Mumma and starts eating ignorantly.

“Your biological mother just ‘telepathy messaged’ me saying you also need to drink juice along with that sandwich,” mutters Mumma in her robotic accent and hands back the tab to Technoli.

I made humans and they seem to have taken over me. Humans made robots and robots will soon take over these humans. What goes around, comes around,’ guffaws God, who’s watching from above.


  1. hehe.. smart. Love the quip at the end. :)