Thursday, October 13, 2011


I love everything about books, it's texture, smell, feel and the wonderful tales in them, of course. Currently I have a small, ever expanding collection of books and one day I dream of having a complete wall as a bookshelf, my own personal library. I'm often found staring at bookshelves, be it at home or at a library or a bookstore, spell bounded and exhilarated. My parents and my friends find it amusing to see me like that, they say I am at my happiest then. Books have always been more real than reality to me, the most consistently ubiquitous part of my existence like a chunk of my soul.

I stare at them
And they stare back,
Looking me in my eye

My gaze hungry and lustful,
Their's friendly, fiery and modest.

Some are slim, dark and intellectual,
Most of them fat and fair;
Ready to get me hooked.

It's a darn hard choice to make
As 'pick me!',
Each one pleads.

For now I'm at my most promiscuous,
Flirting with and pondering over, each one.

My dilemma transforms to awe,

As their calm poise reflects,
Through my soul.

Funny how stacks of binded paper
And imprinted ink,
Seem to have more life than any living Tom or Dick!


  1. a very wonderful way of treating books......:)

  2. This is nice!:) I can relate to this post. Really,variety of books provides you several opportunities to make a voyage into new, surprising, mesmerizing and different world...

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  4. @Tarang- :) Thank you. Books indeed are best friends for people like us!

  5. I love their smell too & i can get 'lost' in libraries :)

    i loved the way you wrote, "their gaze ....modest"
    very meaningful. even the best books wouldn't preen about themselves or blow their own trumpet. at best, they'd "plead" pick me

  6. I wish there was a 'like' option for I want to like this comment of yours! And oh, the smell the feel, the very sight of books, everything is kind of overwhelming, isn't it? :)

  7. We all love books don't we?

    Keep reading. Keep Writin.

  8. awesome is the word!!!!
    I too dream of having a personal library...though I still dont have separate book shelf for books other than course books......

    your poem just so apty described my love for books too..."my gaze hungry and lustful, Their's friendly, fiery and modest."
    Lovely !!!

    1. Haha! Thanks soo much! :) Glad that you could connect with it so well, and I'm happy to know there's someone out there just like me. :)

      And hey you should get a bookshelf soon! It adds charm to your house. :)