Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Walk.

A kilometre long jogging track lay ahead of her. She was just at the beginning of the track, ready to start of a new excercise regime. Dressed in shorts and shoes, earphones on, she started off steadily. The track was almost straight, occasionally curving here and there surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees and green bushes. A cycling track ran parallel on the left side and on the right was a belt of lawn with benches and a few huge capacious wooden canopies for people to rest. The track was pretty shady and pleasant, due to the greenery around.

She loved walking and preferred it to vehicles for commuting from one place to another, but this was something different. This was to be done not only for the mere sake of travelling but as a form of exercise which otherwise she rarely did, not being a sports freak!

Her steady steps gathered speed serving the purpose of her idea of brisk walking as a form of exercise. As she trudged along, her pace of walking, the resonating music in her ears and her heartbeats shared a rhythm which lifted her mind off the ground, transporting her in to a trance. Her heart rigorously pumped blood as her now consistent yet vigorous speed and the music collapsed in to a perfect sync, flushing her cheeks pink.

Her mind felt fresh and energy exploded through her, her thoughts immensly positive, her senses alert. With every propelled step she took, with every bead of sweat that trickled down her forehead, with every single breath, she felt she was shedding some ounce of calories, a small chunk of fat accumulated on her body was perishing, her muscles tightening, legs toning, tummy deflating.

The feeling was awesome, of lightness and bliss. Her mind felt light and her apparent light-headedness led her to believe that her body now felt light too. She felt complacent.


  1. you made walking attractive :)

    spell check 'toning'

  2. ok i went around looking for more posts & realized you've written only 7 posts so far!! :(
    and then i checked the archive. i saw entries in April, may and then now in October! itna lamba gap ?? kyun?

    so here's the deal: since I've read ALL your posts in like 2 days, you'd consider me your very special reader & do something special for me. hmmm... like throw a party! or pass on a lovely gift! or....just kidding :0 .
    but pls just write some more posts Nikita.
    and pls also enable your email so i can take comments like this offline

  3. Ok, now this post is about my own self! :) For once! Thanks again!

    And ummm, about that break...well, the age old writer's block! :/ Anyway, now that I'm back you're going to get a your special gift soon! :)

    You've been very encouraging sujatha! Thank you soo much! :)