Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Favourite Place!

My favourite place is an invisibly visible place. It’s absolutely colourless and transparent, yet it has many shades. It is vivid and vibrant, bright and light, sometimes dark. There is everything here, magnificent mountains, beautiful beaches, enigmatic evergreen trees and people. There could also be chocolate avalanches and glaciers, vanilla rivers and candy floss farms. I think of something and it’s there. This place is flexible, flexible enough to transform in to what I think, imagine and dream. It is a traffic jam.

It emits happiness and exhilaration, love and jubilance, sometimes sadness, anxiety and anger. It’s contradictory to itself, yet it is my favourite place. You cannot physically see it, just experience its presence. You cannot feel it, but I can. You cannot visit it, except if I love you or hate you. It is very much present, yet absent. It is my favourite place, it is my mind.


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  2. Great imagination Nikita…….
    A very nice way to start your blog…..
    I am very happy to see & read your Blog……

    I would like to do rafting in your vanilla river & skying in chocolate glaciers….. ha ha ha 

  3. after each sentence, i am like, "ok ab toh batao which is your fav place?" and you say "mind" :))

  4. Imagination. The most powerful too of man
    You know how to use it. You use it well :)